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CMP is owned by the Spanish corporation Iberdrola, which is essentially owned by Qatar

Versant is owned by the Canadian corporation ENMAX.


CMP and Versant have an unlimited amount of money to spend to spread misinformation about Pine Tree Power.  They are scared of Pine Tree Power, and they should be.  Right now, all of the money we pay for our electric bills goes to big shot executives in Spain and Canada and Qatar.  None of the money goes to improving the reliability of the electrical grid in Maine


CMP and Versant don't care about anyone in Maine. CMP and Versant just care about making money. 

CMP is the worst in the nation, and will always be the worst.

Pine Tree Power

This is Registered Nurse Erin Oberson,  Erin explains why she is voting yes on 3 to protect public health.

Lies from CMP and Versant

This is Scott Strom, a former politician in Maine, now working for CMP.  He has no problem lying when he when he claims that Pine Tree Power would be run by politicians.  

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You have seen a lot of advertisements on TV and YouTube from an outfit called the "Maine Affordable Energy Coalition".


To create confusion, the coalition and its partner business organizations go by other names such as

Maine Energy Progress” and “Mainers for Clean Energy Jobs”.


The Maine Affordable Energy Coalition has nothing to do with affordable energy.

The Maine Affordable Energy Coalition opposes Pine Tree Power.  


The name Maine Affordable Energy Coalition is part of the scheme from the energy corporations. They  become richer and richer as they hold the citizens of Maine hostage and continue to increase the rates for the distribution of electricity in Maine.

Heading 4

Dick Rogers and Dana Connors.jpg

You may have seen this advertisement from CMP and Versant.  You'll find that there are big reasons to question the integrity of these two. 


First, the text says "Politicians in charge of our electric grid."  That's an outright lie, and they know it. 


As a consumer owned utility (such as Kennebunk Light and Power), you and I as consumers would be in charge of Pine Tree Power.  Currently, Spain and Canada are in charge of most of Maine's electric grid, and we know how that has worked out.  CMP and Versant continue to be the worst in the nation.


On the left is Dick Rogers. He retired from CMP, but now works as a consultant for CMP/Avangrid/Iberdrola and Versant/ENMAX for the Maine Affordable Energy Coalition.


Dick Rogers exact words from his testimony to the Maine State Standing Committee on Energy and Utilities are ->  “In full disclosure while I retired from CMP, I continue to be a member of IBEW 1837 serving in a part time consultant’s role for IBEW 1837. I also came fully out of retirement in December of 2021 to work for the Maine Affordable Energy Coalition.“


Dick Rodgers now essentially works for CMP and Versant under the cover as an employee of the Maine Affordable Energy Coalition. The Maine Affordable Energy Coalition was created by Iberdrola/CMP/ENMAX/Versant in order to spread confusion and misleading information about Pine Tree Power. If Spain's Iberdrola and Canada's Versant can cause Pine Tree Power to fail, the executives of Iberdrola and Versant will make a lot more money, and there will likely be large financial bonuses for the people that help in opposing Pine Tree Power.


On the right is Dana Connors. He is the President of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce. He has worked extensively to help Iberdrola/CMP on the CMP Corridor project, and it is no surprise that he is now helping Iberdrola/CMP and ENMAX/Versant in opposing Pine Tree Power.


As the President of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, one of Dana Connors' key jobs is to work for big business to increase their profits. I'm sure that he does a very good job for big business. As part of his job, he is not supposed to care about the high electric bills that Mainers pay. Quite the opposite. The more money that gets funneled into Iberdrola/Avandgrid/CMP and ENMAX/Versant, the better it looks for the chamber of commerce and for the President of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce.

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